You are welcome here, in all your light and shadow.

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” – Maya Angelou

Who is the Wildfox Lady?

A woman in her thirties with one paw in the realm of the wilds and magic, and the other in modern culture and intellect. She dances with refinement and joy, aware of her connection to the web of life and nature around her. She curls up in her warm den, content and safe.

foxladyThe Wildfox Lady trusts her instincts and honors her sex, her raw passions and loving heart together. Sexual love need not be sophisticated or complex – it is an expression born of closeness and intimacy, naturally beautiful when freed from the shackles of shame or fear.

She is vulnerable and fierce, responsive to her body messages and compassionate in moments of grief and longing. She feels. She is aware. With ears pricked and nose to the wind she senses the intent and life around her. She is drawn to authenticity, hidden or expressed.

The Wildfox lady does not diet. Neither does she binge on food or use it as an escape. Instead she eats carefully, intuitively, savoring the flavors and the tastes of food that nourish her body and soul. Satisfaction and pleasure in life experiences warm her heart and inspire her actions and art.

She is happy-in-herself, as she is connected to Life, through her body and her soul. Her fox-nature has sharp teeth, bright eyes and soft fur…she loves community and enjoys closeness to other creatures, whilst defending her boundaries and territory clearly.

sidepanelI am not always the Wildfox Lady. I am also often a confused, afraid, lost and longing person, struggling with the enormity of this life which brings such huge joys and sufferings. Some people talk about their “higher self”, which I picture on some astral plane, separate and watching. The Wildfox lady is my body self, me at my most integrated, embodied and grounded. She has muddy paws and grass in her fur. She laughs and fucks and dances. She is who I am when I remember to “just be.”

This is where I will write, and express, and offer my gifts and dreams to the world.

Come dance with me, for I have magic to share!