Deer Mouse Drawings

What is the medicine and story of the Deer Mouse? What I can learn from her nature and being in the world, that comes from observing and learning about the animal, not just reading interesting ‘symbology’ guides such as this one? Deer Mouse was the ‘animal name’ given to me randomly on my Canada Thriving Roots adventure – perhaps she has magic and story for me. I have spent my creative time on Jan 2nd and today, the 3rd, reading, taking in, looking at images, learning, and then drawing out again some pages of imagery and notes about this little creature.

There is more to do on this, but a few points stand out…

Deermouse1 - page 1Deer mouse comes from a distinct phylogentic branch from the European house mice and rats, or the ‘fancy mice’ I had as pets… they are closer to voles and hamsters. Unlike the field mice/house mice of Europe, the deer mice (or Peromyscus ‘booted mice’) are more drawn to the nature and the wilds, living in forests and prairies across north america. Just like I am learning about new stories and new lands, I am loving getting to know a so-called ‘New World’ rodent vs the ‘Old World’ European ones I grew up with.

Deer Mice as so called because of their colouring matching that of deer – clear white belly and copper/brown backs, sometimes with darker stripes. This is also known as ‘cryptic’ colouring, so called because it breaks up their boundaries, making them harder to see by predators. I’ve also read they are called Deer because they will leap like deer when startled. I see them as small, slightly shapeshifter creatures that adapt to the environment they are in. I love that they are both black and white – two toned tails, with white tuft of fur on the end like a fox or other creature. Tails keep us grounded, balanced. I love that they climb, make nests of plants and soft materials in the trees, or in earthy-burrows, hoard and store their food in caches.

Deermouse2 - page 1I did a ‘imaginal journey’ today, meeting some new characters and forms, at the very end, a little mouse leaped into my awareness from the left. I asked what she had to teach me right now, and the image of the winter nests, cozy and protected, came to mind. I saw her eating and asked what she wanted to eat, and saw SEEDS, seeds that have been carefully stored, packed full of nutrients and potential. Together, bringing this into the material world this links to a plan I have this weekend to start implementing a budget, based on all the resources I already have stored. The mouse medicine of these every day concerns of nest/shelter, food and resources all feels really good right now.

I also wonder about the seeds of myth and story, the nourishment from what has been gathered and collected in my past. 2020 for me there is an important thread of re-story-fying my life, soul, imagination. I’m really enjoying how this is starting with getting to know a new local creature.



"There's nothing you can do that's more important than being fulfilled. You become a sign, you become a signal, transparent to transcendence; in this way, you will find, live, and become a realization of your own personal myth." – Joseph Campbell

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