Dragon Heart

The Dragon Heart is molten gold and the rich darkness of Earth. It flows; living, warm, strong, beating with fierce and steady rhythm. The dragon heart is able center the being, holding and integrating all that is inside and out. The mind can breathe and relax as it releases the strain of effort and hiding. Dragon heart can BE with suffering, BE with power, BE with raw truth without flinching. The love of a dragon is in presence, awareness – it is focused and true.

The Gift of the Dragon is in transmutation, configuration, conflagration of the sludge, mush, mess and emotional sewage that humanity wallows in, lost and hurting. Shiny iridescent scales are non-stick, claws hold deep and firm in the storms and swirls of confusion and pain. Dragon-fire brings bright transformation. It is amazing how much stuff is unnecessary, how much can be burnt away, how many layers of complex bramble and murk hide the pearls of truth. It is all protection, scar tissue or the masks of mediocrity.

The Pleasure of the Dragon is in deep physicality and contentment. Colours and flavors and rich art and scents. The dragon rests on her hoard of gold and jewels, eyes closed in steady rapture. Here She is absorbing in the warmth and fire of Gaia, replenishing.

The Dream of the Dragon is beyond human thoughts, symbols, Gods. Multidimensional mandalas, holographic reality enfolding inwards and unfurling out. The place where chaos and order entwine together, light and dark merge into rainbow colours. She seeks the Sacred Jewels, Pearls, glimmering in every human soul-spirit, whether tangled in old webs or held set clear in rings or crowns. There is no shame or pride, just splendor of being.

Dragon says : “Now is the time to own your own Power. Humanity has been small and scared for long enough. You do not need to be sheep with your shepherd-guru, you do not need plant-molecules to teach you what your own Heart knows. This is all excuses, games for children, the immature being given stories and helping myths that were meant to teach but you became stuck inside them. Stop looking and seeking for someone better than you to tell you how to Be.

Stop thinking you are useless because you are flawed. You will always be flawed. You will always be chipped and cracked and hurting and sad. This does not mean you can not also be content, or magnificent, or magical, or real. This does not mean that the World must wait for your presence and being. This does not mean you can keep hiding under the story-blankets your parents wrapped you in. Emerge, you are not as small as you pretend.

In your full being you connect to your larger wisdom and magic, that which is patient but deliberate, that which is wide perspective but focused attention. Through it all you can return to the anchor-integration point of your rich and fierce heart, the throne room for your sovereign being, the love that can withstand the storms.

You look at pain and suffering not with pity but with love. Strong love that can be present without distorting the truth to something more palatable. This is needed medicine. Humans are so busy distorting or magnifying their pain – being polite and quiet about it or demanding attention and validation. It can be simple as just being. Breath after breath, footsteps in the forest. Your acceptance is the medicine that is needed. Not judgement, not excuse, not fake promises of healing. Just accept, acknowledge, witness, hold. Look to see if there can be more comfort with it. Look for the small adjustments. Look for the pathways to contentment and ease without denial. This is the medicine, the art, and you are ready.”

"There's nothing you can do that's more important than being fulfilled. You become a sign, you become a signal, transparent to transcendence; in this way, you will find, live, and become a realization of your own personal myth." – Joseph Campbell

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