Carving Space for Self and Soul

41cde0f7990b6c31481707b086f026f0--muse-witchThese are the words of your body-soul not your mind. You have willfully neglected me, pushed me aside, to focus on your outer-world work. A false division, a label of this world, for we know that what is within flows without, above is below. Your “outer world” will crumble if the inner lacks foundations, nourishment, attention, space. Give me room.

Give me room to write, to read, to take in, to breathe and to feel. Only you can carve that time out. Make it the most important priority of your day. Dare to do that. Above others, above money, above food, above work. Dare to claim your soul, embodied, wild, breathing, magical. The time of writing, reflection, soul-work,  divination, nature escapes – these are not just for when you “have nothing better to do”. These are not for “only when you’ve earned it.” These are value. Integration of soul with body, heart with mind, weaving yourself into integrity. This is where your power, you emphasis can be, for your own fulfillment.

It is not self-indulgent. It does not take from others. Attention into yourself, into your magic, into being still, or dancing, or ritual – these give to others because as your being grows and transforms, what you radiate to the world can inspire and transmute.  Through your own self-integrity you become that sigil, the example, the evidence of what can be.

Learning, knowing, alchemy of self, growth, challenge, change, break down, reforming, music, experience, mystical states, reading words of poetry and truth, writing, expressing, marks of pencil on paper, pleasure that wakes and stirs your body, transformation, listening. We know you love the company of others, and to do that in a way that is healthy, full and free, you must also tend to your own garden. We know this is hard for you to do, to recognize as important and necessary even. But now is the time. You can’t keep pushing us aside, the rest of your feeling, sensing, ritualistic, moving self.

imagesYou don’t even know what you will find, if you dare to carve out the spaces for your own existence to flourish.

Create the time, the structure, and like ivy climbing a trellis, your witch-self will grow, tangle, express, emerge.

Dare you.


"There's nothing you can do that's more important than being fulfilled. You become a sign, you become a signal, transparent to transcendence; in this way, you will find, live, and become a realization of your own personal myth." – Joseph Campbell

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