The WildSelf Rebellion is Born!!

Last night with Full moon, ocean and wine, the name of my “brand” coalesced – I am the founder of the WildSelf Rebellion. This brings together many threads, ideas and concepts for me. It feels true, but what is the essence of it? I think each person can have their own rebellion but what draws it together

——–Let my Wild Self Speak :

“For too long now you have let your Talking Self, your mind, limit, denigrate and capture the wild magick that you know within. The shame-based rules of culture and old religions, the divisive mind-talk that labels and sequesters people into micro-subcultures….all of it is to blame. Without your Wildself your destiny is no more than a node on the information-network of consumerist dreams, or a nightmare of fractured mind and lost soul.

There are those who long and lust for the great Singularity, the upload of consciousness, the ultimate escape. To those I say fuck-it, go that way if you must but it is nothing more than the latest trascendent fantasy. If you choose that path, then so be it. But you are not the only ones.

There are those who came here FOR embodiment, to learn the lessons of pain and pleasure, and to become lovers of the Earth herself, in the truest sense. There are those of us who struggle against the intellectualism and systemisation of the world. It is not because we are not smart; sometimes we are TOO smart, and having seen the horrors of humanity it is hard to look away or avoid going mad.

The WildSelf is beyond, beneath, within culture, it crosses boundaries and labels, it is our raw, biology, or sensations and orgasms, our knowing that is more than words. It is our connection home.”

What is the REBELLION?

db673dff5acbcce9d2ac669e1ac30d01I have come to liberate you from the culture-mind chains that bind.

  • Rebel against anything that you have been TOLD that contradicts what you feel and know inside to be true. Claim back your own Authority.
  • Rebel against the notion that we are all equal and the same, and claim back our brilliant diversity, our eco-system of spirit, and your unique habitat and art.
  • Rebel against the critic that limits your art, expression and truth. Claim back freedom
    to have fun and value who you are and what you bring.
  • Rebel against the food-police whose rules limit your satisfaction and chain you to unhealthy diet mentality. Claim back intuitive eating and the freedom to let food be your medicine not your prison.
  • Rebel against the notion you are fundamentally broken, a victim only to be saved by priest-doctors whose services you need over and over again. Claim back your own healing and learn how to nourish and possess yourself.
  • Rebel against the shame, fear, distrust and disgust of your own body, sexuality, and power. This programming must be broken!
  • Rebel against the stories that limit you, the ones you tell yourself or others use. Write your own stories, define your own myths to live by.
  • Rebel against cookie-cutter morals, do the hard work to distill out your True Values and use them to craft your own compass and guiding stars.
  • Rebel against complexity, angst, 1st world problems, endless noise, and rediscover the nourishment of solitude, simplicity and silence.
  • …..?

Do not misuse your Rebellious Heart – for it easily turns to self-destruction. Focus it on  fighting for Liberation for yourself and for those you love. 



"There's nothing you can do that's more important than being fulfilled. You become a sign, you become a signal, transparent to transcendence; in this way, you will find, live, and become a realization of your own personal myth." – Joseph Campbell

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